Water Spray Pool Mat

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Dive into Refreshing Summertime Fun

Transform your backyard into a water wonderland with the SplashSpiral Water Spray Pool Mat! This innovative mat features built-in water sprayers that create a refreshing and playful aquatic experience for kids of all ages. Simply connect it to a standard garden hose, and watch as the water spirals, creating a delightful and cooling effect. The non-slip surface ensures safety, making it the perfect addition to your summer festivities. Dive in and beat the heat with the SplashSpiral Water Spray Pool Mat – where fun and refreshments collide!

Stay Cool and Playful All Summer Long

Introducing the AquaBlast Water Spray Pool Mat – the ultimate solution for summertime splashy fun! This mat is designed to turn your backyard into a cool and entertaining water zone. Equipped with a series of water spray nozzles, the AquaBlast delivers a refreshing mist that keeps kids entertained and cool during hot summer days. The easy-to-use design connects effortlessly to a standard garden hose, making it a convenient addition to your outdoor play setup. Make a splash and stay cool with the AquaBlast Water Spray Pool Mat!


  • Features water spray nozzles for an enjoyable and refreshing playtime.
  • Connects seamlessly to a standard garden hose for quick and easy setup.
  • Playful design suitable for kids of various ages for endless summer fun.
  • Non-slip surface ensures safety during active water play.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting enjoyment throughout the summer.